Anthropologies of Reuse and Recycling

As the global trade in second-hand clothing and recycled textiles expands, this site brings together research into the wider political economy of worn clothing, changing cultural perceptions of its value and the social and economic impact of cast-offs on local economies. In particular, ethnographic fieldwork on local systems of dealing with used garments can offer alternative perspectives on cultural values and attitudes to waste and resources.

This site is being developed by Lucy Norris, an anthropologist based at University College London. It is grounded in her research on second-hand clothing economies in India and their links to the UK. These projects will be presented alongside galleries of visual material taken during fieldwork; many thanks to Tim Mitchell in particular for generously allowing his images to be used. It will also build connections to the work of other researchers focusing on different aspects of the global second-hand trade, and generate links to further resources.

If you would like to share information on interesting research, new publications, websites and blogs, news stories, artworks or exhibitions featuring worn clothing, please contact Lucy.